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Jessica Shelton is a professional artist whose lifelong artistic journey was ignited in her youth, where she first explored her creative passions through the realms of drawing and ceramics.

Since those formative years, art has remained her unwavering muse and driving force, propelling her to master a diverse array of artistic forms before ultimately finding her true artistic calling in the realm of intuitively guided abstracts.


A deep-rooted sense of community has always been at the heart of Jessica's artistic philosophy. She passionately shares her expertise and creative process with individuals from across the globe, cultivating a vibrant online presence through her social media platforms while fostering in-person connections and workshops.


As an intuitive artist, Jessica's primary focus is on the emotional resonance her art elicits, both within herself and in those who experience her creations. Her overarching objective is clear: to imbue each piece with a profound sense of joy, a gift she earnestly bestows upon its viewer.


Jessica calls Niagara, Ontario, her home base, and her artistic reach extends far beyond its borders. With a clientele spanning North America, her artwork has journeyed across the continent, leaving a trail of joy and inspiration in its wake.


Jessica Shelton's art is a testament to the transformative power of creativity, an ever-evolving celebration of the human spirit captured on canvas.

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