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Bubbly is an original 11x14" painting in a frame. The beautiful metallics create an ever-changing experience throughout the day, depending on the natural light. The artwork transcends from the painting onto the matting and frame, making this a signature piece. Perfect for bringing a magical touch to any room. Pops of pink add a playful touch.


Meditative and intuitively created artwork embodies a sense of calm and introspection. The artist approaches the canvas with an open mind, allowing their intuition to guide their movements and choices. The process is often slow and deliberate, with each mark reflecting the artist's emotional state in that moment. Soft, flowing lines and gentle color transitions are common, creating a soothing and harmonious visual experience. The artwork emanates a tranquil energy, inviting viewers to immerse themselves and find their own meanings within the abstract forms. This type of creation is a deeply personal and cathartic journey, resulting in a piece that resonates on a contemplative level.

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