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Commemorative Painting

Introducing our enchanting interactive guestbook painting, a truly unique and unforgettable experience that combines artistry and celebration.

Commemorate your wedding or special event with a piece of artwork created by your guests.

Picture a captivating masterpiece coming to life right before your eyes, as each guest leaves their mark. Our innovative paintings transcend tradition, allowing your loved ones to become part of a stunning abstract painting symbolizing the joy and love shared on your special day. A truly special piece of art to be displayed in your home and follow you through your journey in life.


Upon arrival at your reception, guests are invited to choose their own vibrant ink, which will be carefully selected to reflect their personalities and the essence of your event – our talented artist then transforms their inked impressions into breathtaking abstract fades, capturing their energy and spirit of the moment.


The result is a breathtaking abstract painting that evolves throughout the event, blending beautiful colours with metallics, a magical work of art born from the collective love and good wishes of your guests. Providing you with an interactive and memorable experience for your attendees and serving as a timeless keepsake, preserving the magic of your day in a special way that traditional guest books simply cannot match.


The final artwork becomes a stunning centerpiece for your home or business, a cherished testament to the unique bonds formed with your closest family and friends.


Embrace the extraordinary, and let our guestbook painting elevate your celebration to new artistic heights. Create a lasting memory and an awe-inspiring masterpiece that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Contact me here for availability. Prices start at $500 CAD. 

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